cousin fun!

The boys have had the best last few days playing with their cousins visiting from Iowa! Everyone had a lot of fun playing outside at GamGam and Grandpa’s house. cousins 2019 35cousins 2019 33cousins 2019 34cousins 2019 32cousins 2019 36cousins 2019 37cousins 2019 38

We had a fun day celebrating National Cousin’s Day at a park then a quick trip to a brewery!
cousins 2019 31cousins 2019 30cousins 2019 29

Also the cousins enjoyed checking out Funko, lunch and a walk on the water.
cousins 2019 28cousins 2019 27cousins 2019 26cousins 2019 25cousins 2019 24cousins 2019 21cousins 2019 22cousins 2019 23cousin 2019 20

Rhone was super sad in the picture above because he realized that it was time for Uncle Taylor, Aunt Erin, Margaux and Ingrid to go home. Hope to see them again sometime soon! : )

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