Park fun with the boys : )

Hudson is starting to be more alert and awake during the day. He even enjoyed an afternoon at the park. I carried him around and could tell he was looking wide eyed at all of the playground equipment, trees and other kids playing. Before we know it he will be big enough to play too. […]

11th Anniversary

Today we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary! We started out by visiting Grandma and Grandpa at the farm that they grow veggies at. We picked some berries and Rhone discovered that they have the same swing at the farm that GamGam and Grandpa have. He was pretty excited! They also had a really nice dog […]

Skagit County Fair

We went to visit Grandpa yesterday and decided to check out the fair. It was fun to see all of the animals. And tractors – Rhone really liked this huge one! We had a lot of fun! But then it started to rain really hard and we weren’t prepared! We got really wet and decided […]