Rhone got some new sunglasses yesterday and he LOVES them! He wore them for most of last night after we bought them and also asked to wear them again this morning. He wore them on our trip to the library. He wore them in the car and on our trip to the park. On the […]

Grocery store fun!

Today we went to Central Market to get some groceries. We don’t go there too often but Rhone likes it because they have live crabs and lobsters. Fun to view! They also had free brunch food samples all over the store. Fun to try! My favorite sample was the crab cake and Rhone liked the […]

More park fun!

We spent most of this weekend doing some house projects. Ryan painted his office and we worked some more on our backyard but it was so nice out today that we went out this afternoon for some fun. If you ask Rhone what he’d like to do he always says “ummmm, go to the park […]