Rhone’s words

Rhone has been picking up some new words the last few days. It is fun to see him learning! He knows how to say Mama, Papa, bye, cracker, duck, ba (banana), waawaa (water), ball, baby and makes animal noises woof-woof for dogs, meow for cats, ssssss for snakes and grrrrr for almost all the other animals. […]

Memorial Day Weekend

Ryan was home for the 3 day Memorial Day weekend and we went on some fun adventures. On Saturday we went to Anacortes with GamGam, Gramps, Aunt Erin and Margaux and played at a fun park. It was a bit hot out so after the park we went to play at the beach. Rhone loved […]

Weekend in Yakima!

We were in Yakima this past weekend to see Erin graduate from medical school. We are all so proud of her and happy that we were able to attend the graduation!! Rhone decided that it would be fun to be a WILD CHILD this weekend (he just wanted to be up walking and exploring the new […]

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Today was a special day – Mother’s Day! Rhone was a very sweet boy to me today! He helped Ryan make me a special breakfast – a very delicious vegetable frittata. : ) He also made me a finger painted bouquet of flowers, so sweet!! Ryan’s parents came over for breakfast to celebrate the day. Afterwards […]

Sesame-Honey Tempeh & Quinoa Bowl

I’m mostly posting this so I have it saved because I was surprised at how yummy it was and I want to make it again soon! Ryan’s parents occasionally come over for dinner on Tuesday nights when I go to band and I usually put something together in the afternoon before I go for everyone […]

Pikachu and Elevated Sportz

Rhone had a pretty exciting weekend. He happened to get to meet Pikachu and boy did he think he was pretty cool (I think Pikachu is a he?!) haha, I was scared of Pikachu but Rhone sure wasn’t! He also had a play date with Margaux at Elevated Sportz. So many fun things to climb […]