Veg Week 2017

Ryan wanted to do an all vegetarian week this past week and we did! I must admit I accidentally ate a half of a chicken salad sandwich for lunch once day – I forgot but I don’t think Ryan reads my blog so he will NEVER KNOW!!  Here’s a recap of what we made and ate. […]

Play Date!

Rhone had a fun play date yesterday afternoon with the Butler girls! : ) They all had a lot of fun. I tried to get a good picture of the 3 of  them together but they were too busy to be still for a picture, this is the best I could do.

Easter Weekend Fun

We had a fun and busy Easter weekend! Hippity Hop! On Saturday we went to visit Rhone’s Grandma and Grandpa Pond for an early Easter brunch. After brunch Rhone played upstairs in the playroom (so many fun toys) and then went on a long car ride outside! On Sunday we went to visit GamGam, Gramps […]

Sunny day out at Kubota Garden

It was pretty nice out yesterday so we decided to spend some time outside. We visited Kubota Garden in South Seattle, our first time. It was very nice and free to walk around the Japanese Gardens. Rhone even did some walking! We took some family pictures. And saw some pretty blossoms.

Swing Boy!!

Rhone LOVES swinging. Since it has been nicer out the past week I’ve been taking him to swing at our neighborhood park down the road. I think he would swing all day if I let him. When I take him out he has a melt down and cries loudly! So embarrassing if other people are […]

Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park

We went to check out a park that I’ve read about in Redmond on Sunday. It was a nice park and Rhone had a blast. We went on a little hike and saw a nice creek and a neat tree. We viewed all of the farm animals. Rhone has become really interested in animals, so fun […]

40 cent books!

I discovered that is was “40 cent children’s book day” at our local thrift store and I found some new books for Rhone. He loves books! His favorite books out of this batch seem to be Giggle, Where is My Belly Button and Farm Babies. : )

Cairn Brewing

We wanted to have some family fun today so after grocery shopping we went to Cairn Brewing. Rhone has always loved going there because they are kid friendly and have space to walk/run around and usually kids and dogs to watch! Today Rhone was so excited to be there that he refused to sit in […]