Playing outside

We had a break from the rain and the sun came out yesterday afternoon (and today) so that meant we could do some playing outside. We played on the slide yesterday and went for a walk to the greenhouses. Here’s fun on the slide! Rhone isn’t too sure about touching dirt yet, haha. We also […]

Mexican Meatball Soup

I had a dream Sunday night that I made something called “Mexican Meatball Soup” and in my dream it was really delicious. I wasn’t even aware that it was a recipe (I’ve never had it before) but I looked online after my dream and sure enough it is a recipe, so I decided to make […]


Rhone has been a daredevil the past few days! He’s learned how to climb on furniture (couches, chairs, his toys) and it is kind of scary to me (I don’t want him to fall!) His new favorite thing to do is stand (surf) on his elephant! He is also walking  a bit now. He took […]


I am starting to attempt to relearn my clarinet. I learned to play the clarinet as my senior project in high school but then didn’t really play it in college and haven’t really played it since. The Microsoft Jumpin’ Jive Orchestra that I play the saxophone in is doing a recording session in October and […]

Play ball!

Rhone has been having so much fun playing ball! His favorite is the ball in these pictures. He knows how to throw it to me and will try to catch it when we throw it back to him. He even has a book all about different kinds of balls. Here he is reading it today.

School Fun!

Fridays are school days for Rhone. He has been really loving his school. They have fun and different toys to play with, a parachute, a kitchen just his size, and bubbles!! Here is Rhone today playing in the kitchen. He found a pair of play glasses and was pretty excited about his find.

Tunnel fun!

We gave Rhone a tunnel for his birthday. I’ve tried putting it out a few times and showing him how to crawl through it but we wasn’t brave enough to try himself, until today! It turns out going through the tunnel is not only so much fun but funny (it makes him laugh, especially when […]

Soup for Rhone

I’ve been trying to get Rhone to eat more foods (not just English muffins and pouches – that’s all he seems to want to eat lately!) So I made him a soup. I can’t say that it was a hit – he had a few bights but then pushed the bowl away. I guess I’ll try […]


Yesterday was our big night out at Jazz Alley seeing HIROMI!!! We attended both shows, it was so much fun! Rhone stayed home with his Grandparents and he was a very good boy. He went to bed a little before 8 and was up and ready for the day at 7:30 this morning. Pretty early […]