our new dishwasher!

We have a new dishwasher (the old one was close to 20 years old and just wasn’t working well anymore). Rhone was pretty excited to check it out. He loves dishwashers and helping with dishes. Let’s hope the dishwasher helping keeps going once he gets older! : ) He was also happy that Papa got to work […]

Family Fun!

Ryan had a few days off from work this week, unfortunately we were all still recovering from being sick but we all felt better and were able to do some fun things that past 2 days. Yesterday we went on a little hike at North Creek Park. There is a boardwalk in the wet lands […]

1st Birthday!!!

Today is Rhone’s 1st birthday! He still isn’t quite feeling like himself (some tummy trouble and low on energy) but we had a fun day playing with toys and listening to music (Musty Moldy Melvin, haha)! Here’s the Birthday Boy!! : ) And here’s my attempt at 12 month sticker photos (not an easy task […]

52 Weeks Old

Yesterday marked 52 weeks for Rhone (52 Fridays!) He unfortunately was not feeling well at all yesterday but I was able to get a quick 52 week picture. The good news is that he is feeling much better today and is back to his normal self, playing and getting into everything!

Valentine’s Day!

Today was Rhone’s 1st Valentine’s Day! He had fun playing with GamGam and Margaux while Mama worked. Here he is in the morning getting ready for the day. Where are your bukser?! Rhone and Margaux watched Gramps and me walk back to the house from the greenhouses. They were waving! GamGam had her arms full watching 2 […]