1,2,3 – no hands!!

Rhone has a new trick – we say “1,2,3 – no hands” and if he’s standing he will lift up his hands and stand all by himself! Impressive when he’s standing. But he decided it would be fun to try it in the shopping cart today. haha, Sorry not as impressive Rhone!!

49 weeks old!

Rhone is celebrating the last week in his 40’s today! 49 weeks old! Today was picture day at school so he wore his nice sweater that his friend Malcolm from England gave him. Picture day went ok for Rhone, he didn’t smile too big but he wasn’t upset. A few of his classmates got pretty […]


Rhone is going through a teething phase. During the day he is pretty happy and not in pain but at night when there are no distractions the teeth pain seems to┬ástart! Poor baby boy but everyone has to go through it. Rhone has 6 teeth and a 7th one is starting to come in. The […]

Baby Mum-Mum

Now that Rhone has 6 teeth he has been trying to eat more solid type foods. His new favorite thing to eat is Baby Mum-Mums, they are like little fruit crackers that dissolve easily. He has been enjoying banana Mum-Mums. Yum-yum, Mum-Mum!! : )

Work day with Mama!

GamGam is in Iowa so Rhone got to help Mama work today. He was a pretty good boy (until he got tired and needed a nap and GamGam wasn’t there to help him go to sleep!) haha He had a really fun time visiting with Gramps and Leah! Leah was funny today and had him […]

Work from home day

Ryan worked from home yesterday. Rhone was pretty excited that he was working from home and kept crawling to the stairs and wanting to go find Papa upstairs in his office. The temperature has finally warmed up a bit here so after lunch we went on a walk to the neighborhood park. Rhone didn’t want […]

Family Fun Sunday!

Today we sent to see Snoqualmie Falls and then had some lunch at Snoqualmie Brewery. Rhone had such a fun time. I’m not sure that he realized that he was looking at a waterfall but he enjoyed looking at all of the people visiting the falls and made some excited noises when he saw some […]