The day after Christmas

Yesterday was the day after Christmas. Our house got really messy from all of the Christmas fun so Rhone helped me clean up and do some laundry. Luckily I had a lot of energy for all of the house work from having a Kringla breakfast! Yummy!! Ryan put together Rhone’s airplane set from Santa. It […]

Rhone’s 1st Christmas!!

Rhone celebrated his 1st Christmas this weekend. It all started on Christmas Eve with a chicken dinner and presents with his Grandma and Grandpa Pond. It took a little while to get used to the whole opening presents thing. Then he figured it out a little more and it was fun. Do you see his […]

Library Fun!

We visited the library Sunday and Rhone picked out some books. He found a Llama, Llama book and a baby faces book. He loves reading and books so he¬†thought the library was a pretty cool place! He’s been busy reading this week.

Woodland Park Zoo Lights

GamGam, Gramps, Uncle Taylor, Aunt Erin and cousin Margaux came to visit us Saturday afternoon and we all went to see the Woodland Park Zoo Lights. It was a chilly night out but we had fun. Here’s some of the lights that we saw – Rhone’s favorite was Stompy the Bear! To warm up a […]