Halloween Party!

Yesterday we went to a Halloween Party at our friends Tati, Brett and Olivia’s house. Rhone wore his Mr. Bones costume (he’s saving his real Halloween costume for Halloween tomorrow). It was a fun party with many pretty Princesses! So many fun toys to play with at the party. Rhone was the little guy at […]

Kids Fall Festival!

Today we visited Molbak’s for a kids fall festival event. Rhone was too little for most of the arts and crafts tables but he did make a Halloween hat! We also listened to some kids music that was playing there (not as good at Caspar but Rhone still enjoyed!) Here he is pretending to be the […]

34 Weeks Old

Today Rhone is 34 weeks old! He spent some time this afternoon practicing trying to crawl. He was able to scoot off of his white blanket in the pictures (he scooted himself backwards) and then rolled over a few times to get to the other side of the blanket close to his toys!!