Veggie Enchiladas and Spatula Fun

Here’s a yummy recipe for using summer veggies. We have an abundance of peppers and zucchini this time of year, so I’m always looking for new recipes to use them in. I made my own enchilada sauce using some of the spicy peppers for the enchiladas. Enchilada Sauce: A can of stewed tomatoes Peppers (I used […]

Vintage baby photoshoot

Rhone tried on some of Ryan’s baby clothes for a photo shoot. I can’t say that he was a fan – too many outfit changes and pictures, he just wanted to play!! But I was able to get some pictures of him in the clothes before he gets too big to wear them! Here’s how […]

1st tooth!

Yesterday morning Ryan was holding Rhone and Rhone decided to give his finger a little bite. He realized that the bite hurt more than normal and something felt a little sharp. Ryan looked and Rhone had a tooth coming in! I didn’t even realize, he has been super happy all week so I guess the tooth coming […]