Our friends brought Rhone back some fancy shoes from Brazil. They arrived in the mail and he was very excited to receive a package! Not only are they fun to wear but they are fun to play with too. This afternoon we pretended we were at the beach and that the carpet was sand! : […]

6 month well child check up

Rhone had his 6 month check up today. He is doing well! 27.75 inches tall (89%), 18 lbs 1 ounce (60%)  and  96% head circumference. : ) He had to get 3 shots today – that 3rd one made it worse than other times (lot of crying) but he recovered quickly and was happy again shortly […]

Woodland Park Zoo

Aunt Erin, Uncle Taylor and Cousin Margaux invited us to go to the zoo with them today. It was a fun day! Rhone enjoyed viewing the animals. We saw quite a few different animals. Lol, if you see the funny picture that Ryan took! Rhone even saw his favorite – Stompy the Bear! We all […]

Sitting and Eating

Rhone had a big day today of sitting and eating! He has been using his muscles to try to sit up by himself for the past few days and was finally able to do it today. Just for a little while and then it is too hard to stay upright. He has also been watching […]


Today we did some shopping to get ready for our upcoming trip to Iowa and to get a gift for Rhone’s new friend born last week. Rhone went to multiple stores and was such a good boy. He seemed to love shopping! haha, Just like his Mama!