Everett Farmers Market

Today we checked out the Everett Farmers Market – it is on the water and pretty nice! Rhone had fun looking at everything and even bought me some flowers! We walked around and checked out the boats in the marina on the way back to the car. Sunday Fun day!

23 Weeks Old

It was hot today – that is why Rhone is missing his booksahs for his 23 weeks old picture! Also, he’d just had a fresh diaper put on minutes before the picture but I can see a blue line already! haha

Byte of Microsoft

This evening we went to visit Papa at work. Rhone got to see where his Papa goes off to everyday. We attended the Byte of Microsoft, an outdoor event with free samples of food. It was fun and we had some yummy bites! Rhone discovered that they didn’t have any milk bites for him but he […]

5 months old + trip to the park

  Happy 5 months to Rhone today! Half way into the photo shoot he discovered that his 5 month lion was a sticker and that it could be taken off his shirt. To celebrate being 5 months old we went to check out a new park this afternoon called Miners Corner. It was pretty fun […]

Rhone’s Weekend

Rhone had a pretty exciting and busy weekend. On Saturday we had some friends over for a BBQ and he had a play date with his friends Hattie and Evelyn (Hattie is just one week younger than Rhone). Everyone had fun at our neighborhood park! On Sunday morning we went to water Ryan’s parents community garden (they are […]