We went to the beach in Anacortes for a walk and picnic over the weekend. Rhone did ok until he thought it was too windy outside for him – then he wasn’t happy to be at the beach anymore! It was such a pretty day out!


I introduced Rhone to the saxophone yesterday. He was pretty intrigued by the sound and watching my fingers move to play it. Here are some pictures for his future album cover! : )


I’ve mentioned before that Rhone has a hard time keeping his eyes open in the sun (actually just outside, even if it isn’t too sunny) haha! He takes after his Mama. I  bought some shades for him today. He felt pretty cool trying them out tonight!

Afternoon in Bellingham

We had a big trip to Bellingham yesterday with GamGam, Gramps, Uncle Taylor, Aunt Erin and cousin Margaux. We went to a fly fishing sale where Uncle Taylor and Gramps purchased some new fishing gear. Then we went to a couple of baby consignment shops and bought a few things for Rhone. Afterwards we went […]


Rhone loves a good joke! A skeleton walks into a bar and orders a beer and a mop! A ghost walks into a bar in New Orleans and orders a mint julep – the bartender says sorry sir, we don’t serve spirits here!