Sunday Funday!

Yesterday we went to Wander Brewing in Bellingham. It was a fun afternoon! Afterwards we went to visit Taylor, Erin and cousin Margaux. Ryan joked that Rhone hasn’t actually met Margaux yet (he seems to have his eyes closed every time we see Margaux)! This time he opened his eyes for a bit to see […]

Rhone is 2 months old!

Happy 2 months old to Rhone! We celebrated by going to his 2 month doctor appointment today. He seemed to enjoy it and was smiley with the nurse and doctor until they gave him 2 shots! One in each thigh, ouch! He was pretty brave and recovered quickly. : ) He is now 11 lb. […]

Party Weekend!

We had a fun weekend. On Saturday some friends came over and Rhone had a fun time! Here he is with his friends Tati and Olivia. We had a very yummy cheese plate (made by our friend Margie). I was very happy to be able to eat everything on the plate (being pregnant I couldn’t […]


Rhone wore his duck pants today and took a picture with his duck Dillon (the duck below on the surf board!) He also took a picture with his duck that he received from Cousin Megan, Aunt Arwen and Uncle Jason for Christmas! To top off the duck themed day, here are some duck jokes! Q: […]