International Conference Calls

Ryan worked from home today because his team is moving to a new building and today was moving day. This afternoon the team he works with in Manila Philippines found out that he was working from home and asked to Skype so that they could see Rhone. Rhone was more than happy to Skype with […]

Baby Socks

Baby socks are cute but they fall off  often and also get lost easily. Rhone wore the socks that he’s wearing in the picture below when he was just a week old then while doing laundry one of them went missing. I was putting on my shirt the other day and there was the sock! It […]


Tonight I made dinner. When you have a newborn baby making dinner isn’t that easy. Thanks to Ryan for watching Rhone while I did a little cooking. I made cauliflower soup (cauliflower is something we don’t buy much of but the soup sounded interesting so I decided to try). It was pretty good! Did you know that I have […]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Rhone celebrated his first Easter today, he was so excited that he decided to wake up and stay awake at 4am! The Easter Bunny visited and left a pair of shoes and a bunny. Here is Rhone enjoying his new bunny! He had a pretty fun day!

5 Weeks Old!

Here is Rhone, 5 weeks old already! He is showing everyone how BIG he is in this photo. We are sad tonight because Cousin Megan was going to visit with Rhone tonight but she came down with something and is pretty sick so they can’t get together. We sent Cousin Megan a get well soon photo.

Cousins Date!

Rhone and I went on our first big trip out of the house alone today. We went to Mount Vernon to a Mom and baby group with Aunt Erin cousin Margaux. The car ride went pretty well (for the most part!) We had a fun time at the group. Here’s a couple of pictures of Rhone and […]

1 month old!

Rhone is 1 one month old today! He loves to eat, be held, look at his toys and sleep a little bit. The first attempt at a 1 month old picture didn’t go so well. We tried again a few hours later and it went a little better. : )