Rhone is 4!!!

We celebrated Rhone’s 4th Birthday yesterday – a Paw Patrol party!! It was so much fun!

2020 SNOW!!!!

We’ve had a snow half week here. Here are some pictures of our snow and of Rhone and Hudson playing outside in it.

Rhone was a big help with shoveling the driveway and getting the snow off of the Corolla. The snow started to melt this morning so I think we will be back to normal weather soon.

Late Christmas 2019 Post!

I have been really bad at updating my blog lately. I’ve just been too busy with the boys! : )

We had a very fun Christmas this year. We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Pond’s house.

Rhone and Hudson left homemade cookies and milk out for Santa and also carrots for the reindeer! Rhone also made Santa something – 2 sticker art jobs. : )
xmas 2019 3

We had a fun and exciting Christmas morning. Santa came!!!

Then we went to visit GamGam and Grandpa for some more Christmas fun!
xmas 2019 10

Christmas fun!!

I haven’t had a chance to post lately but we’ve had some Christmas fun the last week! We went to Good Brewing for a kids Christmas Party. The boys had a lot of fun doing some art projects.

We also went to check out the train and  lights at Evergreen Church near our house. The boys were really impressed. : )

We hope to have some more Christmas fun soon! : )

Happy Halloween 2019!!

We had a super fun Halloween this year! Rhone is really into dressing up and celebrating Halloween. He decided to be a ninja and Hudson a dragon!

GamGam and Grandpa came to celebrate with us. We had Halloween komla!! Yum. : ) And Grandpa brought his spooky mask!

Trick or treating was so much fun! : )

halloween 2019 3


2019 pumpkin fun!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time! My laptop was having internet connection issues but now seems to be working again! : ) We had a fun day on Monday visiting Gordon’s Pumpkin Farm. Here are some pictures from our fun afternoon! We even got a family photo with all 4 of us looking at the camera!!
pumpkins 2019 10
The Pond boys just LOVE pumpkins! And tractors and chickens. hahaha
pumpkins 2019 9pumpkins 2019 8pumpkins 2019 6pumpkins 2019 2pumpkins 2019 1pumpkins 2019 7pumpkins 2019 11pumpkins 2019 12pumpkins 2019 5pumpkins 2019 4pumpkins 2019 3pumpkins 2019

Haircut for Rhone!

Rhone had his first big boy haircut today at Great Clips (where Papa gets his hair cut!) : )

The lady that cut his hair said that he was so good at sitting still! His hair cut looks so good, he looks like such a big boy!

Here’s the before picture.haircut 1

Here’s during the cut.

haircut 2haircut 3

Here’s Rhone with his haircut. He looks so handsome! : )